Linda Frimer

Linda Frimer was born in 1947 in the central interior gold mining town of Wells, British Columbia.  Here she was first introduced to the wonders of the wilderness and where she learned to appreciate nature.  At the age of fourteen, she received her first art award and in 1982, graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design with a degree in painting.  That same year she earned a BC Cultural Award, graduating the following year with a degree in printmaking, from Emily Carr College.

In a unique blend of magic realism she fuses forests filled with towering trees and tangled gardens of wild flowers with symbols of her Jewish heritage and the harsh realties of the history of her people.  In her own words: “There is a sense of the endlessness of the effect of the exodus from Egypt as it reaches into the past and toward the future.  This living spirit has always sought to become one with creation in whatever historical epoch, each element of creation plays a unique distinctive part of one tremendous symphony.  Therefore, no matter how manifold or contradictory they seem, the natural and spiritual world are united and inseparable in our historical drama.  A flower and a human being both need physical light.  Humanity knows that it must also seek out intellectual and spiritual light.  The spirit in nature is living ,vital, free.  The land is fresh, free, and awe inspiring in its power.  Artistic reality is a point of identity where the spirit in nature and human nature may become one idea.”


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