Kristine Paton and the Full Circle Story

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Full Circle- Kristine Paton

We are each born knowing in the fullness of our being that all is one in love, that our birthright is love, that we are all deserving of love and truly only are love in essence.

This piece was designed and commissioned with my friend Kristine Paton for my gallery as a new sign for the storefront beckoning to all who see it. The intention was to have it silently bear witness and  share the energy of universal love with all who enter our doors, live in this community, visit our city or just  walk by each day.

Symbolically, the square is the masculine and the circle is the feminine, complete in oneness. The lower left corner has three words.  The first, Alma, is Latin and means Soul. The next two are in the ancient language of Sanskrit: Sacha, which means Truth, and Anand which means Bliss. The soul dwells in bliss when it abides in the truth of the love we are.

The Sanskrit numbers 5 plus 1 equal 6, which is the numeric number representing love in Sanskrit.  It rests above the labyrinth which reflects the journey of life we all share, both before our birth and then during our life, as we wind our way on our life path.

The labyrinth design was taken from what is considered to be the first labyrinth discovered in a cave in Knossis on the island of Crete in Greece. The labyrinth is also the symbol of the Goddess and the womb.

The Shambala Buddhist statement is written in Sanskrit. Buried deep between the layers of paint on the  original painting are symbols such as the fish the secret sign of the Christians, and a quote from the Bible Philippians 4:8: “Whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever are true, whatsoever things are of good report… think  you on these things.”  There is a cross and a dragon from The Path of the Warrior.

The six lines are from the I Ching and represent Heaven and Earth, They also represent the heavenly harmonics of the movement of the stars, which are scientifically proven now to “sing” in their movement through the universe. There are symbols from all the great religions, faiths and philosophies which inspire us  on our life path to look without for wisdom, and divine guidance directing us to look within for the divine  resonance that exists in all sentient beings .

The Ohm symbol is in the center of the composition is used in meditation to centre the mind  and bring us  to calm-abiding. It is the sacred first syllable, the primal word, the word of power, which symbolizes the  infinite or the entire universe, the cosmic/spiritual  denominator in all things.  May you be blessed by the intention and content of this artwork and may it serve as a reminder of the love we all are and need to see in ourselves and each other.

May all beings be happy,

May all beings be free.

Be peace, all continuing love,

Valerie Pusey, Owner “Full Circle Studio Arts”

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