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Essential Oils

Full Circle Studio is excited to introduce our new  line of Essential Oils from “Bear Essentials”.  Wild-crafted, organic oils, locally produced on Vancouver Island. Visit us today and delight your senses with this exciting new line of aromatherapy products. 

Essential oils are the life force in every living plant, providing benefits that enhance and enrich the body, mind, and soul. This line of oils is born from a love and enthusiasm for the healing potential within plants, the aim is to help people connect with plant medicines and ultimately reawaken a connection to oneself, and the earth we live upon. Medicine from the roots- Medicine for the People. Working with indigenous artist Morgan Asoyuf from the Tsimshian territory in B.C. we were able to create the symbol of the bear. This gave us the ability to honor the indigenous teachings that were largely influential in bringing this dream forward. The Mi’kmaq people, indigenous to Canada’s Maritime Provinces, share a story of how the bear became the keeper of plant medicine knowledge. In this teaching the bear is held with high regard as he enters into the dream realm for several months to commune with the spirit of the plants. When he returns and feast is prepared in his honor, a sharing of plant wisdom is given to the people.




First Nations Aromatherapy perfumes


100% natural and developed with First Nations knowledge, Invocation products are made with high quality essential oils and plant extracts. Our crafts people work with ecological consciousness and great care to guaranty our Native Essences are efficient.

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Native Essence

Two essential products – 100% natural without synthetic fragrance or preservatives
A synthesis of Aboriginal tradition and high french perfumery techniques
CHIIYAAM – calming Native Essence
CHIIYAAM is an algonquin word which means “peace”.   The perfume is thus named because of its relaxing, calming and serene properties. It works rapidly and with efficiency on the person who uses it as well as on his environment.  Many therapists use it in professional sessions or after the session to purify the space.  It is a complement to MIWAHu,  the energizing Native Essence.
MIWAHu – energizing Native Essence
MIWAHu is the diminutive for Miwahïmoon meaning “natural product which promotes wellness and brings energy”. This Native Essence is more feminine than CHIIYAAM; it’s a great partner for everyday life as it stimulates creativity and enthusiasm, attracting beneficial energies and favorable circumstances. Because of its revitalizing effects, the fragrance is used and appreciated by men as well as women.


5 Elements

 100% natural – without synthetic fragrance or preservatives

5 natural therapeutic perfumes from Invocation


Yuutin is an algonquin word meaning the element “air”. Air is also wind, which is the spirit voice for First Nations, but for all beings air is the the life breath which goes through our lungs, an invisible element in itself, but essential. The Native Essence YUUTIN, representing the wind element, stimulates inspiration, courage and determination. It alleviates grief and sadness.


The algonquin word Aschiiy means “earth”- the great provider, that all aboriginals cherish as “Mother Earth”. For Native Americans mother earth is the womb from which all life originates and the source of love and abundance which nourishes life. The ASCHIIY perfume’s aim in association with this primordial element is relaxing the body and mind. It will help to reduce the worries and anxieties of the person who uses it.

Sacred Sound – PATAKWIN

The algonquin word Patakwin means “sacred sound”- the element which represents the space in which dance the four other elements. Sacred sound is a vibration connecting all things. This Native Essence PATAKWIN will then help with information management at all levels (cellular, intellectual, intuitive and spiritual). It is an invitation to let go and flow with all positive energies.


The algonquin word Iskutaau means (fire)-the element of transformation and energy. The Native Essence ISKUTAAU brings benefits to the physical and the emotional. It works by rebalancing physical energy and stabilizing the emotional. It is perfect in times when we feel poor self confidence; it can help rekindle the inner fire.

Water – NIPIIY

The algonquin word Nipiiy means “water”, an element which composes most of our body and which must flow freely. Like the waves of an ocean or a river, the enchanting water and source of life can wreak havoc like fire. The Native Essence Nipiiy, associated to that element, indicates properties that characterizes water in us. It will reduce anxiety and promote stability.



The CHIIYAAM essence Bath Salts

INVOCATION’S CALMING BATH SALTS is a unique product in its category with its 100% natural high quality ingredients.  The Native Essence CHIIYAAM which has infused the bath salts, is guaranteed to bring you deep soothing effects while eliminating body toxins.  These sea salts are therapeutic.  They act simultaneously on the olfactory system and through interaction with the skin.



We also carry Aromatherapy Diffusers.

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