Tarot and Psychic Readings

Tarot and Psychic Readings


New Readers Schedule


Full Circle Studio would like to welcome back reader Carolyn Meuse who will be joining us for the month of February. Carolyn will be in the store this February offering tea leaf and tarot readings every other weekend. Carolyn Meuse is a professional intuitive consultant, and reader. She is a clairvoyant and clairsentient with 37 years experience. Carolyn has a deep love and reverence for archetypes and symbols, hence the reading of them throughout the tarot and the tea cup. She also works with psychometery, the aura, and chakra system.

“My purpose as a consultant is to show the bigger picture of what is going on in ones life and to present different ways of viewing and approaching things. Holding the energy of inspiration and celebration, and supporting people through change and healing, is a natural part of the process.”

~Carolyn Meuse

Her schedule for January will be Feb 9th, 1oth, 23rd, and 24th


15 min $35

30 min $60

60 min. $100

To book a reading with Carolyn,

call us at Full Circle at 250-920-4037

or call Carolyn directly at 250-382-7937

drop ins welcome!


We would also like to introduce you to Maureen Freeman who will now be offering intuitive readings at the store on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. 
Maureen Freeman, also known as Sage, is an Intuitive Advisor, Medium & Channel. She has been providing support to people with her natural psychic gifts for over 22 years. She has done hundreds of channelings, has been interviewed on TV & radio, and lectured at health expos and other events. Maureen also writes columns and articles for various magazines such as A Messenger’s MesSAGE in the popular EAGLEyeONE magazine. 
Maureen has local and international clients and has a reputation for being “believable”and making her audience/clients feel safe and comfortable. Her inner strength and character, along with her passion for supporting others is brought forth with ease, using  humour and inspiration. Maureen’s services provide professional,  confidential support, sound advice & soulful insight for all aspects of life.
“My passion is supporting others with 
the gifts I have been graced with.”
~ Maureen Freeman


15 min. $45
30 min. $75
60 min. $150
To book a reading with Maureen, 
call us at Full Circle 250-920-4037, 
or call Maureen directly at 250-893-2072 
drop ins welcome!

A Messenger’s MesSAGE … by Maureen Freeman

We are in a profound transformational time where we have the opportunity to let go of all illusions so we may be who we truly are and not hold back!  We came here to offer our gifts and talents to contribute to this transformation and we now have the support and platform energetically to do so.  Let go of anything that does not serve you for your highest good and welcome newness on all levels of your being. Allow your creative energy to flow and drop any fears as to how it may look … you will be pleasantly surprised at seeing new aspects of you!  Allow your mind to be at rest and let your intuition, the voice of your spirit within, guide you. It’s patiently waiting for you to acknowledge its place in your life and it truly is your best friend!

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